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Our Baby Room becomes a dedicated sleep room after lunch time.  Our younger babies sleep in cots and children over 1 are encouraged to sleep on our sleep mats, with a cellular blanket or ‘grow bag’. Bedding is laundered at least twice a week. We are also able to meet your child’s individual sleep requirements throughout the day, if needed.

We have a baby monitor installed and we check sleeping children regularly.

We provide individual storage boxes for our youngest children’s personal belongings e.g. spare clothes, nappies, wipes, creams and dummies/comforters etc. We suggest that children requiring dummies for sleep time, leave one with us in a named ‘dummy box’. Parents are required to provide a supply of nappies and wipes, which can be stored at the Nursery.

Children are encouraged to change into slippers; outdoor shoes are stored to change into for outdoor play. Shoe label suppliers are available on request.  We recommend ‘welly’ boots for winter/wet outdoor play. Parents have also found it useful to provide  ‘waterproof’ suits/jackets/trousers, to protect clothing and keep children dry, giving even the youngest children, the opportunity to explore the outdoors, as well as sun/swim suits for those days when it is warm enough to explore water in our paddling pool.


From the age of 2 years old, children are required to wear our  nursery uniform, which is available direct from us. We believe that uniform creates a sense of belonging as well as saving the good clothes from paint! Welly boots are not essential for outdoor play, as we play on both of our hard standing and ‘all-weather’ surfaces if it’s wet.  It is advantageous for children to be toilet trained when joining the Toddler and Nursery Room, however, if your child is not ready, we will support you and your child when you feel it’s time.

Children are encouraged to leave comforters in their bag; those children still requiring a sleep can do so either by joining our sleeping children in the Baby Room or, in our ‘Quiet Room’, on sleep mats.  Children can be heard from our baby monitor and are checked regularly.


All new children are given a tote bag to store personal belongings including spare clothes for those little ‘emergencies’.

Children should be supplied with suitable clothing for outdoor play – whatever the weather!  Please see our UNIFORM page for more details.

When those hot summer days do arrive we ensure that all children are protected by sunscreen.  We can protect your child using a product called Deb Deflect, which has an SPF of 30, is hypo allergenic and fragrance-free. A small annual charge is made and this ensures that your child is protected throughout the day. Further product information is available on request.


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