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Fees imageOur current fees are available upon request (fees are reviewed annually in September)


In order to register your child, we require a registration fee of £50.00 and a refundable deposit (50% of one months fees). Deposits are refunded once a child has left and all fees and associated costs are paid. Outstanding balances are automatically referred to our debt-collection agency.


Invoices are produced monthly in advance and are payable within 7 days. Fees are calculated on a 50 week year basis and divided into 12 equal monthly payments. An interest charge of £25 is incurred on balances outstanding at the end of the month. Full fees are charged for any days that a child is absent due to illness. If you wish to withdraw your child or cancel your registration, a calendar month’s written notice (from 1st of the month) is required or a calendar month’s fees in lieu.

Our preferred methods of payment are Bank transfer, Debit card or Childcare vouchers (see more information on our Childcare Voucher page). All payments must be received in line with our terms and conditions.


A reduction of 10% is given, on the oldest child’s fees, to families with more than one child in attendance at any one time

Families are eligible for a holiday discount of 50% on a set number of days per year, based on their attendance (i.e. 3 days pw attendance x 4 = 12 days attracting holiday discount). Our holiday period runs from September to August.


We are registered for Free Early Educational Entitlement. 15 hours Universal Entitlement is available to all children in the term after their 3rd birthday and is delivered in increments of 3 hours. FEEE can be shared between more than one provider, up to the maximum of 15 hrs pw.  Entitlement is only available during term time, therefore, standard fee rates and meal charges will be charged for 12 weeks of the year (non-term time) and this cost will be spread evenly across the year (“Additional & Associated costs’). We offer a limited amount of ‘stand-alone’ funded sessions; these are offered in the afternoon, subject to availability.  Further details are available in our FEEE policy which is available on request.


This is offered to children in the term after their 3rd birthday and is delivered in increments of 3 hours. This entitlement is only available to children of those parents who meet income requirements. For more information go to https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk. Extended entitlement is also offered over 38 weeks of the year.

Parents are encouraged to apply to HMRC the term before their child meets the age criterion in order to ensure they can access place at the start of the term after their child’s 3rdbirthday. Children cannot start until we receive confirmation that your child is eligible.

In order for us to validate eligibility we will require the 11-digit eligibility code issued by HMRC, the name of the parent claiming and their National Insurance number. In addition we will require a signed KCC Parent Declaration.

It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that your eligibility is current; failure to do this will result in either your child’s attendance pattern being reduced or additional charges. You will receive an email reminder from KCC 4 weeks before your eligibility code is due to expire, you will then receive an additional reminder 2 weeks prior to its expiry.

If your circumstances change and you are no longer eligible for the Extended Entitlement you will still qualify for the Universal Entitlement (15 hours) up to a maximum of 570 hours per academic year.


We are registered to take a limited amount of children who are eligible under the FF2 Scheme. Please contact the office for more details.

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