Settling in sessions are planned with parents/carers and their child’s key person.  We offer all families a ‘stay and play’ visit where you come with your child and have informal discussions with your child’s key person. We then offer free, two-hour settling in sessions for each child, without parents/carers. Additional settling in sessions can be scheduled according to the child’s needs.

No, however, we encourage parents to ensure that all children are in before 9.00 in the morning so that we can start our day together. It can be overwhelming for children to arrive into a room when the session has already started. Children attending our afternoon sessions, should at the start of the session.

For continuity and benefit, we recommend that children attend twice per week.

Our maximum capacity per day is 36 children and our staff teams are small, therefore, our staff know all our children well. If your child’s key person is absent, another familiar member of the team will be a ‘buddy’. 

Baby & Tweenie Room – small rucksack with nappies, baby wipes, comforter, dummy/soother in a box and change of clothes. We will supply cow’s milk, however, parents/carers will need to provide any formula milk. If your child is drinking from a ‘first cup’, please provide a duplicate to keep at the nursery.

Nursery & Pre School Room – small rucksack with nappies and baby wipes (if relevant), dummy/soother in a box (if relevant for sleeping) and change of clothes.

Children wear a uniform when they join our nursery room. Parents will be provided with a uniform list. Polo t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies can be purchased directly from Sunrise.

We have an on-site kitchen, cooking fresh meals each day. We can cater for most individual dietary requirements including intolerance, cultural, allergy and medical requirements and will work with you to meet your child’s needs. Individual personal preferences will be considered. 

We accept that children are sometimes unwell. Children who are ill with a high temperature or are suffering from conditions that are contagious, must remain at home to avoid outbreaks of illness.

Our ‘Managing Children who are sick, infectious or with allergies’ policy is available to registered parents along with details of incubation periods for common childhood illnesses.

Full fees are payable for any days of absence.

Invoices are issued monthly in advance and are due for payment within 7 days. Full year fees are charged across 51 weeks and divided into 12 equal monthly amounts. Term time fees are charged across 38 weeks and divided into 11 equal monthly amounts. Term time places are also charged a ‘50% of fees’ for 13 weeks which is divided equally across 11 months.

We accept BACS, Childcare Vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare payments.

Details of your child’s experiences, learning and development will be shared on our ‘Tapestry Learning Journal’ platform along with snapshots of their day.  Tapestry is a secure online platform which is also used as a general communication base between the setting and parents/carers.  Mealtime, nappy changes and sleep information are also recorded here along with accident forms and termly development reports. 

Security and the safety of our children is paramount. We would require verbal confirmation from a parent/carer if someone unfamiliar is collecting a child. We will ask for a password to be agreed and the unfamiliar person will be asked to provide ID. Children will not be handed over to other adults unless they have passed all our security criteria.

We recognise that outdoor play is an important part of child development. Our children have access to outdoor play throughout the day and across the year. Our all-weather play surface also allows access in all weathers without the need for wellies.

Once we confirm that we can meet your requirements, you will be required to complete a registration form and signed fees, terms and conditions. Both documents can be sent and completed electronically.